Overseas to participate in international mining equipment exhibition in Indonesia

Overseas to participate in international mining equipment exhibition in Indonesia
2015 Seventeenth Indonesia Mining & Equipment International Technology Exhibition. Scheduled in Indonesia Jakarta Convention Center. Our company was represented at the exhibition.
Indonesia show features mining ultra fine grinding mill.
Clirik ultra fine grinding mill exhibition site
ultra fine grinding mill
It is reported that the Indonesian Mining & Equipment International Technology Exhibition is the largest in Indonesia, held an exhibition, exhibitors manufacturers covering dozens of countries in Asia and neighboring exhibitors, of which China's mining equipment and ultra fine grinding mill in the of Exhibitions There are many well-known companies, but our grinding mill company is the only one manufacturer.
Our company representatives to participate in the Indonesian exhibition
Indonesian mining equipment exhibition attracted millions of buyers who come to the centralized procurement of mining equipment and ultra fine grinding mill. Our company is the only company specializing in the exhibition provide ultra fine grinding mill equipment manufacturers, at the same time our senior officers to the scene of the client translation introduces the development process of our company's ultra fine grinding mill, as well as our HGM series ultra fine grinding mill achievements at home and abroad, and through video, audio, images, etc. to customers about the company's customers live case, won the customers have been received, but also to our customers in Indonesia were interviewed, customers of my company's strength and service is recognized.
Indonesia show will end September 12, 2015. Shanghai Clirik grinding mill manufactory said it will continue to expand the show results, and actively participate in the global mining equipment exhibition held.
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