Clirik different types of ultra fine mill for your choose

Production of kaolin in crushed limestone, calcite, talc, marble, barite and other materials in, ultra fine mill equipment is essential for some of the higher grinding fineness of materials, ultra fine mill of choice.
ultra fine mill
Efficient ultra fine mill
Ultra fine mill may be called "micro powder grinding mill", it is the result of our Clirik grinidng mill manufactory mill Institute of Technology on the basis of years of production of industrial mill, using fluid mechanics, painstaking research, the new design out with Jet Mill comparable to ultra fine mill, which at one stroke successfully solve the domestic ultra-fine powder with high cost of high jet mill problems, is an energy efficient ultra fine mill.
Ultra fine mill application
Available in Ultra fine mill: Superfine Powder mineral materials, abrasives, refractories, electronic materials, ceramics, chemicals, paper and Mohs hardness of 12 or less and other areas. In conventional kaolin, limestone, calcite, talc, marble, barite, gypsum, iron oxide red, iron oxide green, aluminum hydroxide, pigment, bentonite, clay, carbon black, coal, charcoal and other materials produced in the milling process .
Ultra fine mill Features
High efficiency: the jet can take full advantage of mechanism design and optimization of the impeller, greatly improving the grinding efficiency and classification efficiency, thereby greatly enhancing the yield.
High classification accuracy: Frequency classification regulation technology, stable, complete grading system as well as special sealing measures, effectively preventing the leakage of fine particles, particle size up to 150-2500 mesh, the smallest can reach 3000 mesh.
Ultra fine mill wear small: grinding mill and other major parts and impeller using German technology to optimize the design of cavity structure and wear allergy materials, equipment wear and tear parts are damaged so that the minimum and maximum product purity.
Ultra fine mill multi-function: This machine can be used as a grinder can also be used alone as a grading machine, but also multi-level hierarchical series, a production of 1-3 size number of products available, and can form a closed and other crushing equipment or open a job, truly a multi-purpose machine; at the same time its compact structure, all kinds of major rotator are used outside the department type, easy to replace, easy to maintain.
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