How to adjust the product fineness of ultra fine mill

Now, ultra fine mill in the milling industry is already the most famous milling equipment, and ultra fine mill also sale to the world, evaluation and recognition of the vast number of users of its very high user selects ultra fine mill, mainly because it is not only milling fineness, but also to meet the needs of production, and environmental protection, the most critical is the fineness of milling can self-regulation, which meet a variety of production needs of users. Then did you know how to adjust the product fineness of ultra fine mill?
ultra fine mill
Product fineness most effective way to regulate ultra fine mill has three, you can first adjust the separator speed. powder fineness ultra fine mill is mainly controlled by the separator, ultra fine mill before we run according to a predetermined fineness adjustment separator blade density, resulting in qualified product fineness. However, if the fineness deviation in operation, users can adjust the separator speed to achieve the fineness of regulation. The faster the speed, the finer the powder fineness, the slower the speed the greater product fineness. Users can be adjusted according to actual needs.
In addition, you can use the roller and grinding ring gap to adjust. ultra fine mill grinding is produced by rolling the roller and grinding ring each other to achieve, the gap between them is that the material can be milled to a fine degree, so we control the size of the roller to adjust it and the distance between the grinding ring to change the fineness of the material. The fan air flow and wind speed can be adjusted product fineness of ultra fine mill. Ultra fine mill users are aware, the amount of wind turbines and wind speed will directly affect the product fineness, because grinding powder delivery system, is the use of a wind turbine to provide collection implementations, the greater the amount of wind, the greater the wind speed, crude particle size of the powder has not had time to elect to be blown away, is the product fineness increases. So users should be reasonable control of wind mills and wind speed, get the best product fineness and yield!
The above is specific methods ultra fine mill product fineness of adjustment, if you have any questions, please call us. In addition, Shanghai Clirik is a professional manufacturer of ultra fine mill, welcomed the new and old customers to buy our milling equipment.
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