How to improve the HGM ultra fine mill particle size

In the development of socio-economic progress, ore has been constantly developed and applied, before the traditional single powder production system can not meet the needs of the industry, powder demand high precision and high fineness and variety of increasingly strong, especially With the development of environmental protection industry, the demand is even more intense. In order to promote eco-friendly powder, Shanghai Clirik ore milling environmental expert for many years of exploration, and finally developed a series of ore production to create ultra fine mill equipment, in which the most representative is HGM ultra fine mill.
 HGM ultra fine mill   
HGM ultra fine mill powder is widely used in the production of rubber, paper, paint, plastic aluminum, ceramics, cement, glass, metallurgy, refractory materials, medicine, food, household chemicals, cosmetics, technology architecture, decoration and other advanced production applications field. These industries powder fineness and accuracy requirements are very strict, we must reach a certain fineness and precision powder. Under the premise of these requirements also improve milling efficiency, so how to improve it?
Use Clirik HGM ultra fine mill pulverizing efficiency is the highest. The series of ultra fine mill mine faster, sinking to the bottom of the pulp density of mineral particles easily discharged, in addition, since these pulp face pale. Pulp grinding media buffering effect is small. So that grinding media can fully play the role of broken, so the larger ultra fine mill production capacity. Grading equipment in the choice on the use of a fine sieve and ultra fine mill closed, or pre-classification has some advantages. With a fine sieve for grading device. Capable of more stringent control ultra fine mill product size, so that the particle size can not drain away, effectively avoid "running rough" phenomenon. Followed by high sieve screening efficiency, about 80-90%.
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