Which milling equipment can be selected for dolomite mills?

Dolomite grinding mills, namely ultra fine grinding mills, micro powder grinders, etc., are one of the current industrial grinding mills. With the development of modern industry, traditional Raymond mill equipment is far from meeting the development of modern industry. The fineness requirements for various heavy calcium carbonates are high, reaching the micron level, and the powder requirements of some products reach the nanometer level. The ordinary Raymond mill equipment can only crush the material to a few hundred microns. On the basis of the Raymond mill, it has undergone technological innovation and transformation, and the fineness can reach a few microns, generally about 5 microns. Because of the ideal processing of high-fineness materials, ultra-fine grinding has great opportunities for development in recent years.

ultra fine grinding mill

The ultra-fine pulverizer produced by Shanghai Keliruike Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly composed of a host, an analysis machine, a blower, a finished cyclone separator, a pipeline device, and a motor. It also includes powder conveyors, powder feeding and metering equipment, powder collection equipment, and powder storage and packaging equipment.


Among them, the powder conveying equipment is in the processing of ultra fine grinding mills. The raw material needs powder conveying equipment from the storage point to the crushing grinder to the classifier to the next level of classifier arrow to the storage bin. And there are many types of powder conveying equipment. The ultra-fine pulverizer also includes feeding equipment. The feeding machine is installed at the discharge port of the storage bin to uniformly discharge the materials, and then feed the materials to the next equipment. It can be said that the feeder is an indispensable equipment in all the supporting equipment of the superfine mill. The collection equipment is also a high-quality powder equipment used to collect and grind in the process of grinding and grinding by the ultra fine grinding mill.


The first is the particle size of the raw materials. The particle size of the raw material cannot exceed the size required by the index of the ultra fine powder mill. If it exceeds, the output particle size of the material will be too coarse, because the production capacity of the ultra fine mill is limited and cannot exceed its required particle size. The size of the indicator. And when other conditions remain unchanged, the coarser the raw material, the coarser the particle size of the powder produced, and the finer the raw material, the finer the particle size of the powder produced.

ultra fine grinder

The hardness of the raw material is also limited. The hardness of the raw material also affects the quality of the ultra fine powder grinding machine. When other conditions remain unchanged, when the hardness of the raw material is too large, the output particle size of the powder will be relatively large and the quality will be reduced.


In addition, in the production process, if the amount of raw materials put in is too much, the material will stay in the ultra fine grinding mill for too little time. Too little residence time will definitely lead to insufficient grinding of the material, so that the powder will be produced. If the particle size is too coarse, the production quality will be reduced. Therefore, in the production process, the amount of material should be controlled. According to the production performance and model size of the ultrafine grinding mill, the amount of material should not be too much or less. 

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