What is used best to grind limestone to fine powder?

Introduction to Limestone

Limestone is a relatively important raw material in the construction industry. Under normal circumstances, in order to better realize the high-value utilization of limestone, it is often required to be ground, and its hardness is about 3, so it is currently available in the market. There are many milling equipment to choose, such as Raymond mills, micro powser grinding mills, ultra fine grinding mill, etc. However, if the fineness of the finished powder is required to be above 1000 mesh, the ultra-fine grinding mill is more suitable.


Feasibility Analysis of Ultra Fine Grinding Mill for Limestone Grinding Above 1000 Mesh

1. Ultra fine grinding mill is a new type of mill designed and manufactured by adopting the principle of fluid mechanics. In industrial applications, its discharge fineness is generally between 425 mesh (33 microns) and 3250 mesh (3 microns). Therefore, it is definitely stress-free to choose for the grinding of materials above 1000 mesh.

2. Ultra fine grinding mill has a wide range of applications. Generally, as long as the Mohs hardness is not greater than 7 and the humidity is below 6%, all kinds of non-flammable and explosive ore materials can be used for ultra-fine grinding, so choose it It is certainly suitable to process limestone, which is not very high in Mohs hardness.


Compared with other types of limestone grinding equipment, ultra-fine grinding has the following advantages:

1. High output: Compared with other types of limestone grinding mills, under the same power condition, the output of ultra-fine grinding mill can be increased by at least 30%. If the spring pressure is increased, the power is correspondingly increased, and the output will be higher.

2. Excellent product: The fineness of limestone powder after ultra fine grinding treatment can generally reach 425 mesh (33 microns)-3250 mesh (3 microns), which is a height that ordinary mills cannot reach.

3. High cost performance: Compared with jet mills, the ultra-fine grinding system has lower energy consumption. In addition, this equipment is not much invested in the early stage, and the return on production is relatively fast. Therefore, it is a high-yield mill that is worth choosing. Powder equipment.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The superfine grinding adopts overlapping multi-pole sealed grinding device, which has good sealing performance, no pollution, and the dust removal effect fully meets the national dust emission standard. It is a green and environmentally friendly grinding equipment.

Limestone ultrafine grinding process:

With some other auxiliary grinding equipment, when the ultra-fine limestone grinding mill is put into operation, the large pieces of limestone are evenly sent from the feeder to the jaw crusher for crushing. After being crushed to meet the feeding size of the ultra-fine grinding, The bucket elevator is sent to the storage bin, and the material is uniformly and continuously sent to the ultrafine mill through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder for grinding. The ground powder is blown to the powder separator under the action of the blower for sorting and sorting. After the fine powder is sent to the storage bin by the pipeline, and finally output through the discharge valve to be the finished product.

The above is a brief description of the equipment knowledge of limestone ultra fine grinding mill. If you want to know more about the equipment details, such as the price and output value of limestone ultra-fine grinding, please feel free to contact us.


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