The difference between vertical mill and Raymond mill

Both the vertical mill and the Raymond mill are ore milling machines, both of which can produce ultra-fine powder, but do you know the difference between them? Knowing the difference will help you choose the right grinding milling machine.

Both the vertical mill and the Raymond mill are "standing work", and they are quite different from the horizontal ball mill. For those who do not understand their internal structure, they may think that the two types of mills have little internal differences, and they can process common powders with a fineness of 325 mesh. But in fact, their birth time is different, the internal structure is different, the grinding fineness range is different, and the applicable industrial fields are also slightly different.


1. Different customers and different prices

There is a certain difference between the use environment of Raymond mill and vertical mill. Raymond mills are mainly used in small and medium-sized enterprises, with various models and weights, and the price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, while vertical mills are mainly suitable for large enterprises. The weight and size are relatively large, and the small ones are also hundreds of thousands yuan.


2. The internal structure is different

When the vertical mill is running, the position of the grinding roller is fixed after adjustment. The grinding roller itself rotates like a pinion without direct contact with the grinding disc. The bottom grinding disc keeps rotating, and the material in the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding disc is carried out crushing and grinding. During inspection and maintenance, the grinding roller of the vertical mill can be released through the lever support.

vertical roller mill

The spring plum frame of Raymond Mill is equipped with 5 or 6 evenly distributed grinding rollers. The grinding rollers move in a circle around the shaft, and the material raised by the bottom blade is sent between the grinding roller and the side wall grinding ring for grinding. Raymond grinding ring is fixed, it is the side wall of the pulverizer.

raymond mill

In any case, ore materials such as gypsum and heavy calcium are ground between the grinding disc and the grinding roller. After the material is ground, the powder particles are brought into the analyzer with the circulating air of the blower for sorting. The coarse material will be reground, and the qualified fine powder will enter the cyclone powder collector with the airflow and be discharged through the powder pipe. For the finished product.


3. The range of grinding fineness is different

The Raymond mill has a long history. The particle size range of the traditional Raymond mill is slightly coarse and can be adjusted between 10-325 mesh, but the modern improved Raymond mill has a fineness of 60-800 mesh;

The technical age of the vertical mill is more recent, and after continuous technical improvement, the particle grinding range is finer, and it can now reach 325-3000 mesh. Comes with a drying system, which reduces the moisture content of the material.


4. The application industry is slightly different

The market utilization rate of these two kinds of mills is quite high, and the application industries are relatively similar, such as metallurgy, construction and building materials, cement, chemicals, refractory materials, pharmaceuticals, mining crushing and grinding. Vertical mills are more suitable for large-scale professional industrial fields, such as cement and non-metallic mining industries. The vertical mill has its own drying function, which is very cost-effective among similar equipment; the Raymond mill has traditional technology and is the first generation mill with stable quality. There are also many improved Raymond mills with better functions than traditional Raymond mills. More advanced.


In conclusion:

Vertical mill is a kind of ultra fine grinding mill that is suitable for the requirements of large-scale enterprises for material processing fine powder. It occupies a large area, has a large power, a high price, and a high output. When the vertical mill is working, it is a super-large grinding equipment that integrates smashing, drying, sieving, and powder collection. When the equipment is working, the grinding roller and the grinding disc will not directly contact, the noise is relatively small, and the pollution is also low. Very high requirements for land, the installation process is more complicated than other powder grinding mills, and the price is not affordable for small and medium-sized investors, so it is suitable for enterprises with certain strength to invest in production.

As a traditional milling equipment, Raymond mill has the characteristics of small area, low investment, simple operation and convenient maintenance, etc., and is welcomed by small and medium-sized investors. After so many years of development, Raymond Mill has mature technology, reliable technology, reliable quality, environmental protection and energy saving, with a fineness of 80-600 mesh, which can meet the requirements of most users for ultra-fine powder processing. When the Raymond mill is working, it is very convenient to adjust the output and fineness according to user needs.

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