What's the difference between jaw crusher and impact crusher?

Both jaw crusher and counterattack crusher belong to crusher equipment, and there are some similarities in terms of function and characteristics, so what is the difference between the two? Is it better to break the gravel with jaws or counterattack?

What's the difference between a jaw crusher and a impact crusher?

Here we mainly compare and analyze the production capacity, working principle and operation effect of the two:

1. Production capacity

(1) Jaw crushers are widely used in primary and secondary crushing of various materials with a compressive strength below 320MPa, and the output is as high as 1-1000t/h.

jaw crusher.png

(2) The impact crusher is suitable for coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing of various soft and medium hard ores, and the output can reach 30-800t/h.

impact crusher

2. Working principle

(1) The main parts of the jaw crusher are the jaw plate, the motor drives the belt and the pulley, and the movable jaw moves up and down through the eccentric shaft. The material is crushed by multiple forces such as extrusion, rubbing and grinding, and the output is reliable.


(2) The impact crusher uses the impact plate as the crushing part of the equipment, and the extrusion force is generated under the drive of the motor, thereby realizing the crushing task of various materials. The finished product has a good particle shape, but the wear rate of the wearing parts is high.

impact crusher.gif

3. Work effect

(1) The finished sand and gravel processed by the jaw crusher, although the particles are uniform, the size is not enough to meet the current needs of infrastructure sand, and some additional fine sand making equipment should be equipped.

(2) The impact crusher has both shaping effect. The sand and gravel fines processed by it have reasonable gradation and low needle chip content, and can be used directly.

4. Other

Compared with the impact crusher, the caliber of the jaw crusher is larger, and the size of the material allowed to pass through is larger (the feed size of the jaw crusher: 125-1200mm), so it is mostly used for the initial crushing of the production line, while the impact crusher is more After the jaw crusher, it is used for the shaping operation after the jaw crusher is roughly crushed.

Is it better to break the gravel with jaw crusher or impact crusher?

There is no difference between jaw crusher and impact crusher. It mainly depends on the usage scenario and whether it is full or not.

Example 1: If the stone is high-hardness stone such as pebbles and granite with relatively large size, it is recommended to use a jaw crusher.

Example 2: If the particle size of the stone is not very large, and there are strict requirements for the finished product, especially the crushing of soft stones such as limestone and bluestone, it is recommended to use the impact crusher, and the effect is better.

In the actual production process, in more cases, the jaw crusher and the counterattack crusher are used together. In this way, it can ensure that all large stones can be smoothly entered into the crusher for crushing, and secondly, the effect of finished products can be guaranteed.

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