Ultrafine grinding mill in gypsum processing applications

Gypsum powder is mainly used in many areas of building materials, abrasive machining, chemical technology, food and cosmetic industries. Gypsum powder fineness for processing requirements are very strict, which is a technical challenge for our shanghai Clirik ultrafine grinding mill.
First, let's look at some of the material properties of gypsum powder, gypsum powder production of raw materials is a natural gypsum ore. The ore reserves in the country is very rich, the total reserves could reach 600 million tons of gypsum production in the world is also the number to the first position. Annual production of countless chemical gypsum, plaster of phosphogypsum as there are nearly 20 million tons per year. 
Especially the power plant desulfurization technology will generate a lot of gypsum, plaster and there are many other categories including citric gypsum, fluorine gypsum, salt and other chemical gypsum plaster. Has so many natural gypsum resources development and utilization of mineral resources as well as so many artificial gypsum and gypsum production industry has also attracted a lot of investors.
Gypsum production need to use a lot of specialized machinery, concrete gypsum production line process include gypsum ore feeder → jaw crusher bucket elevator raw materials warehouse → mill bucket elevator → roaster → bucket elevator conveyor → clinker cooling warehouses, storage → finished. Which is particularly important for the quality of flour link gypsum,it is the most important part of the impact of gypsum quality.Shanghai clirik developed grinding mill production lines, including the ultra-fine milling machine is updated to improve the design on the basis of Raymond. Especially for gypsum powder processing industry.
Ultrafine grinding mill compared to ordinary milling machine, more efficiency, lower power consumption, small footprint. Utilizing centrifugal mill rolls, making the roller compacted tightly on the grinding ring, so that even the grinding roller and grinding ring wear will not affect the yield and the fineness of the product. This reduces the replacement cycle grinding roller and grinding ring, greatly extending the life of the mill, but reduces the grinding roll grinding ring replacement product. Ultrafine grinding mill finished size can be adjusted within its own range of 100-3000 mesh, to meet customer's different requirements for milling grain size, can be assured in the use of processing manufacturing satisfied.
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