Ultrafine Mill Machine from Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd

As one of gel material, gypsum powder has very extensive application in the national economy. Especially on the model of industrial abrasive and art in the making.
Here to tell you the maintenance methods of ultrafine mill machine:
1. Checking the roller bearing parts, if you find bearing overheating or have abnormal voice, it should be promtly treated.
2. Checking the teeth wedge belt usage, if you find it too tight or too loose, it should be timely adjusted.
3. Checking the rolling, make sure that the eccentric mechanism activities is flexible.
4. Checking gas path pneumatic components, piping, fitings regularly. If you find something is abnormal, you should timely change it.
5. Cleaning the air filter FRL matter.
6. Filling regular lubrication grease.
7. When dismantling the roller, avoiding collisons.
8. Checking materials and hand roller, maintain a certain distance.
9. The operator is entitled to reject non-staff positions boot device.
10. When maintaining the equipment, you should cut off the powder, listing, personal care.
11. When found abnormal noise, immediately stopping and checking.
12. Keeping equipment clean and free of fouling, without dead ends.
If  you want to processing gypsum powder. You have to used ultrafine mill machine for grinding gypsum ore. Our company is a production country of the chemical gypsum powder. There are a large number of gypsum production every year. Gypsum industry is the development of recycling economy construction needs, so ultrafine mill machine has become the pursuit of many investors.

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