Carbon black grinding mill and the whole grinding unit

With the development of society, the popularity of cars, tires produced using waste tires led to a large market that is waste tire refining and deep processing of black sludge treatment process. Wherein the carbon black deep processing of grinding mill processes dominate the entire production process. Shanghai Clirik grinding unit production of carbon black grinding mill occupy the lion's of the market.
Shanghai Clirik carbon black grinding mill technical staff tell you what is carbona black? Carbon black is an amorphous carbon. Light, loose and very fine black powder, the surface area is very large, ranging from 10-3000m2 / g, the carbonaceous material by the incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition under conditions of insufficient air obtained product. Called "gas black," said the oil made from "light black", made from acetylene said "acetylene black." Proportion of 1.8-2.1 made from natural gas There are also "channel black", "furnace black." Distinguish between black performance by "reinforcing carbon black", "conductive carbon black" and so on. Black dye can be used for the manufacture of Chinese ink, paint, etc., it is also used to make rubber reinforcing agent.
Carbon black grinding mill equipment contains a lot of equipment including screening machine, dryer, magnetic separator, elevator, screw conveyor, black mill, activation processing equipment, dry or wet granulation machine, weighing and packing seal machines.
Shanghai Clirik grinding mill unite can provide a complete production process, including screening, drying, iron, impurities, such as milling.
Raw materials used discarded tires and other rubber products. Remaining waste generated refining, called coarse carbon black. One of the main raw material is capable of processing the fine carbon black. Coarse black mentioned, if the old methods, soil waste tire pyrolysis furnace slag is not as fine carbon black raw material processing. Because waste the old method, the resulting soil furnace did not reach complete lysis, waste, there are many lumps, these residues, there are still a lot of not fully cracking rubber block, if used as a carbon source material is fine will result in a fine black failure, seriously affecting the quality of fine carbon black.
Carbon black grinding mill equipment operating procedures: Screening on → sieve material on the roll crusher squeeze into the magnetic devices, while falling into the steel wire tank, sieve material into the secondary magnetic separator device  → three magnetic hoist → fine grinding machine screw conveyor  → granulation → activation process metering packaging sealing → storage.
Shanghai Clirik carbon black powder grinding mill can produce a variety of fineness, fineness can according to their market demand for adjustment.if you want to know carbonate grinding mill price please online contact with us!

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