Slag utrafine mill-the times demand new equipment

If the previous production, without slag grinding mill, there will be no re-use advantage, that situation may be more worse than now. For the treatment of chemical waste,it had been a headache problem, if don't resolved it,it will be harmful to both human living environment, the impact is very large, not a year or two years can be regenerated,it Would need a very long process.
The steel grinding mill main principle is to slag and primaries steel slag as raw material for reprocessing, closed loop through the production process, and to carry out a screening of slag, then making negative milling, so that you can maximize the slag utilization. Or by dry magnetic separation and air classification process to be processed is currently commonly used in industrial production and processing methods, are widely used in many places. Through these different processing methods, you can get four kinds of efficient quality and high value-added steel products. Basically iron content is more than 90 percent, has become normal for all types of high quality scrap steel demand, which is so, so real demand out of recycling.
If you are using steel slag ultrafine mill, it will be achieved, the effect will be more pronounced. utrafine mill can be used to produce high-grade iron ore fines iron, and in the case of high activity for the cement and concrete admixture, it can achieve the best results.At same time it will used for high-grade steel slag asphalt concrete pavement surface layer of aggregate, the effect is very good,and it conducive to high, make excellence effect, saving a lot of part of the cost,the ultrafine mill is the best choice in current mainstream.
In the nation-building through the use of slag ultrafine mill production and construction of high-tech equipment, efficient use of resources to achieve the objective,and it an urgent requirement for the implementation of the national energy saving and environmental protection,ultrafine mill is to adapt to a modern society kinds of technological means. Meet the needs of the industrial production, but also can be called for the socialism construction gain much larger contributed.
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