Ultra fine powder grinding mill heart - Rotor

The rotor is the core component of the ultra fine powder grinding mill, which speeds up to 4000 rpm or more / min, and bears a strong impact force, shows the importance of its quality. In the process of grinding the blade material first passes through the high-speed impact material particles, with the tooth plate friction between the material is pulverized. In this process, the blade huge impact force will pass through the rotor plate two round turret board, at this time if the rotor welding deformation is not firmly prone, leading to broken rotor scrapped. Therefore, the ultra fine grinding  mill rotor material, the quality is very important. 
ultra fine powder grinding mill
Since the rotor of ultra fine grinding mill is so important, then we come to know about the rotor of ultra fine grinding mill,Rotor mills have static balance and balance of the points. 
Static balance: a balance correction in the correction of rotor surface, the corrected residual unbalance of the rotor to ensure that static is within a predetermined allowable range of the amount of unbalance, in order to balance the static balance, also known as one-sided. 
Ultra fine powder grinding mill Balancing: carried out in two surfaces of the rotor while a correction balance correction, the corrected residual unbalance of the rotor to ensure that the allowable dynamic time is within a predetermined range in the amount of unbalance, also known as a double-sided dynamic balance balance. 
Ultra fine powder grinding mill of Rotor balancing selection and determine: how to choose the balanced approach of the rotor, is a key issue. Usually the specimen diameter D and two schools from the front of b, that is, when D / b≥5 when the specimen just do static balance on the contrary, it is necessary to do balancing. However, according to the requirements, as long as the premise of the rotor balancing purposes in need, the do static balance, do not do balancing, dynamic balance can do, not do static balancing. The reason is very simple, static balance than balancing easy to do, save power, effort, expense.
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