Marble Preferred equipment-ultra fine powder grinding mill

Marble is a material commonly used in industry, mainly used in marble crystalline powder, used to make the landscape of construction materials and other products, with the development of industry, people increasingly high demand for marble, marble powder fineness for the requirements are increasingly high. Often used in industrial production machinery Clirik ultra fine powder grinding mill to process marble powder. 
 Marble Preferred equipment-ultra fine powder grinding mill
Currently, Clirik latest scientific techniques have been experiments, the use of marble instead of limestone powder can be used as a desulfurization agent, the success of research and development of this technology can save about 80% of the cost of limestone, and limestone desulfurization effect than the superior, the technology promotion mainly in Fujian and other places, the ongoing promotional activities nationwide.ultra fine powder grinding mill  Plant in active cooperation, the development team staff after careful industrial test week, and has completed 10% to 100% of the marble powder alternative test, the environmental monitoring center on-site monitoring, the data indicators are qualified. 
Marble limestone as a substitute, mainly because of ultra fine powder grinding mill processed by marble powder activity is relatively large, when used as a desulfurization agent marble powder can be processed to 600 mesh and above, the kinds of high fineness more extensive use of marble powder, not only can replace limestone as a desulfurization agent can be applied to artificial marble,crystal powder, can also be used with rubber, plastic, pvc and other fillers. Therefore we can say marble ultra fine powder grinding mill  machine after processing greatly expand the range of applications.

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