Hot sale barite ultra fine powder grinding mill

Clirik Ultra fine powder grinding mill for barite processing:
Barite is a very important non-metallic minerals,it with a very wide range of industrial uses. It is the most common mineral barium,As we know, barite can be used as a white pigment, can also be used in chemical, paper, textile packing in glass production can act as a co-solvent and increase the brightness of the glass. Barite are non-renewable resources,it is one of China's export advantage minerals are widely used in oil and gas drilling mud to increase consumption in the barium chemicals, fillers and other areas are growing year by year. 
According to the characteristics of barite, Clirik barite developed ultra fine mill. Ultra fine milling machine with conventional vertical milling machine and Raymond mill, it compared with unparalleled advantages: 
First high efficiency, energy saving. In the finished size and motor power are equal, than jet mill, mixing mill, ball mill production more than double. 
Second long life wearing parts. Grinding roller and grinding ring made ??of special wear-resistant materials, wearing parts than ordinary mill equipment long life, and can be in more than one year. 
Third high product fineness, HGM ring medium speed micro grinding mill of the finished size can reach 3000 mesh. 
Fourth high security, because the grinding chamber no bearing, no screws, so the bearings and seals wearing their problems do not exist, but there is no problem destroying the machine screw loosening. 
Fifth environmental pollution. Efficient pulse dust collector, complete equipment no dust pollution during operation, configuration, mufflers and silencers room, reducing noise, in full accordance with national environmental standards to organize production, played a role in environmental protection. Muffler to reduce the use of dust pollution and noise, in line with national environmental standards, on the surrounding environment play a role in environmental protection. 
Clirik in the field of ultra fine powder grinding mill away at the domestic front, developed a variety of ultra fine powder grinding mill of products, from the smallest HGM80 to the latest design  HGM168, to meet the various needs of a variety of materials fineness, applicable to a variety of non-metallic minerals the grinding and classification, plant desulfurization grinding mills, deep processing of slag powder limestone powder and other large projects. Clirik ultra fine powder grinding mill by the majority of customers, trustworthy. Select ultra fine powder grinding mill came Shanghai Clirik
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