What is the Way to Collecte Powder of Ultra Fine Powder Machine

For materials processing, the process ultra fine powder machine is roughly three: feeding, grinding and discharging, every process is very important, will affect the production efficiency and other aspects of the situation, we introduced before feeding and grinding time, should pay attention to the problem, but few analysis of the situation of material because the discharge time, should pay attention to the content is relatively small, as long as the grinding material can be collected, but the collection time, also have many different methods, this article is to analyze, when the superfine grinding machine in the collection of materials, the common methods are those problems.

The first method is a direct measurement of bagging artificial way: this method compared to the original, mainly rely on human labor for the production of the material after discharge, ultra fine powder machine, manually loaded into the bag, calculate the loading process, see the total discharge of the number of products.

ultra fine powder machine

The second method is used for automatic packaging machine: the relatively high degree of automation, saving labor, is the need to buy the finished powder packing machine, it sets the filling measurement in one, the production of ultra fine powder machine automation engineering more, but will increase the production inputs.

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