Stone crushing and sand making production line

The choice of stone type and equipment for sand making depends on the type of sand required and the quality requirements. Common stone types include limestone, granite, sandstone, and gravel. Commonly used sand making equipment includes jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers and screening equipment. According to actual needs, different equipment can be combined to complete the stone sand production process.

In the process of stone sand making, the common stone materials used for sand making mainly include the following types:

1. Limestone: Limestone is a commonly used raw material for sand making. It has a hard texture and can be used to produce high-strength artificial sand.

2. Granite: Granite is a stone with high hardness and wear resistance, which is suitable for making durable sand materials.

3. Sandstone: Sandstone is a stone that is easy to crush and process and is widely used in the production of sand in the construction industry.

4. Gravel: Gravel is a type of stone composed of rounded stones. It is often used to make aggregate concrete and can also be used to make coarse sand.

The process of making sand from stone usually requires the use of the following main equipment:

1. Jaw crusher: Jaw crusher is a commonly used crushing equipment used to crush raw stone into a particle size suitable for sand making. Jaw crusher is one of the common construction crushers. It uses mechanical pressure to crush the stone into smaller particles. Jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation, and is widely used in small and medium-sized construction sites. Its crushing effect is good, and it can break stones into aggregates of different specifications to meet the requirements of different construction projects.

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2. Impact crusher: Impact crusher can crush stone by high-speed impact and is often used to produce fine sand and medium sand. Impact crushers are known for their efficient crushing capabilities. This equipment uses high-speed impact force to crush stones, and the crushing effect is remarkable. Impact crushers are suitable for processing stones with higher hardness, especially for crushing fragile materials. It plays an important role in large-scale construction projects and can efficiently break stones into the required particle size, saving time and costs.

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3. Cone crusher: Cone crusher is a device that crushes stone through crushing and friction. It is suitable for producing medium and coarse sand. Cone crusher is a kind of crushing equipment specially used in medium and large construction projects. The cone crusher uses a rotating conical shell to finely crush the stone, which has the characteristics of good crushing effect and low energy consumption. It can achieve multi-stage crushing of stones of different particle sizes and produce high-quality aggregates that meet construction requirements.

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4. Screening equipment: Screening equipment is used to screen the crushed stone according to different particle sizes to obtain sand making products that meet the requirements.

In addition, conveying equipment, sand washing machines, crushers and other equipment may also be needed to assist in completing the stone sand making process.

How to match the sand and gravel processing production line to make it more economical and practical?

1. Make reasonable arrangements according to the size of the venue

When configuring a sand and gravel processing production line, we must fully consider whether the equipment's floor area matches the actual site size. If it exceeds too much, it will cause a waste of space; but if it is not enough, it will also make the production line unable to be installed normally. In addition, it is necessary to consider the spacing between the production line equipment. If the equipment is placed too densely, it will not be conducive to the later maintenance of the equipment. However, if the placement space is too large, it will increase the workload of the conveyor and affect the conveyor belt. The loss is relatively large, thus increasing the production cost input.

2. Reasonable matching according to material characteristics

Because the physical properties corresponding to different sand and gravel materials are not the same, we need to make reasonable selections based on the hardness, humidity, viscosity and other physical characteristics of different materials when selecting sand and gravel processing production line equipment. Choose a match.

(1) For the processing of hard sand and gravel materials such as granite and cobblestone, it is recommended to use the combination of jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine.

(2) For vulnerable sand and gravel materials such as limestone and shale, it is recommended to choose the combination of jaw crusher + impact crusher + sand making machine.

3. Make reasonable arrangements based on actual output value needs.

Because the expected output values of sand and gravel processing production lines under different combination methods are different, in order not to cause a waste of resources, and also to ensure the smooth start of production of the sand and gravel production line, it is recommended that users must base their selection on the actual output value demand when selecting the combination. Make reasonable choices.

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