How to improve the powder extraction rate of grinding mill?

During the use of the mill, the powder extraction rate becomes lower and lower, which seriously affects the efficiency of the enterprise. How to solve these problems has given many companies a headache. The editor has compiled some methods to improve the powder output rate and production efficiency of Raymond mills for the reference of decision makers.

1. Reasonably select the host speed and improve the grinding force of the host

Since the grinding force comes from the centrifugal force of the grinding roller, the speed of the main machine directly affects the grinding force. The low speed of the driving shaft may be one of the reasons for the low powder extraction rate. Insufficient power, loose transmission belt or serious wear and tear will cause the driving shaft speed to be unstable and slow down.

Suggestion: Considering the load-bearing capacity of the host motor is a factor in improving the production efficiency of the swing mill. Increase the running kinetic energy of the mill, adjust the belt or replace it with a new one.

2. Reasonably adjust the air pressure and air volume of the blower

Due to the huge differences in the physical properties and chemical composition of non-metallic mineral raw materials, minerals with lower density such as graphite and gypsum should be adjusted relative to minerals with higher density (such as barite, iron ore) when adjusting wind pressure and air volume. Stone, etc.) should be small and adjusted appropriately. If it is too large, the coarse particles will not be well classified when passing through the classifier and will be mixed into the finished product, resulting in unqualified products; if it is too small, there will be problems in the host machine. Material clogging is prone to occur, causing the machine to fail to operate normally.

3. Reasonable design of the blade device and selection of wear-resistant materials for the grinding roller and ring

The shovel device is an important device that directly shovels materials between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. After technological development and improvement, the shovel blades of Raymond mill are reasonably designed and can scoop up and allow the materials to move between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. Grind thoroughly.

Severe wear of major grinding consumable parts such as blades, grinding rollers, and grinding rings will affect the powder extraction rate. Wear-resistant parts made of highly wear-resistant materials, such as high-chromium cast iron, must be selected. The blade cannot shovel the material, and the grinding roller and ring are severely worn and cannot perform a good grinding effect, resulting in a low powder processing rate. Consumable parts must be replaced in time after wear.

4. Do a good job in equipment lubrication

Another reason that affects the speed of the main engine of the grinding mill may be the blunting of the grinding teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the grinding teeth and other transmission parts and be prepared for lubrication and replacement.

5. Clear the pipes and seal them properly

The conveying air duct of the mill is blocked, causing the powder to be unable to be transported normally, which will cause the problem of low powder output or even no powder output. To solve the problem, it is necessary to stop the machine to clear the material in the pipe and restart the machine to discharge the material.

Suggestion: The ultrafine powder contained in the material has a strong cohesion effect, has a small loose specific gravity, and occupies a large volume (the volume of the 800-mesh product with the same weight is nearly twice that of the 325-mesh product), and it is easy to adhere to the pipe wall and material. It is not easy to fall on the silo wall, so the inner wall of the pipe and silo should be as smooth as possible, lined with galvanized sheet or stainless steel plate, the discharge taper of the silo should be as small as possible, and the silo wall vibrator should be added.

In addition to blockage of the pipeline, the sealing performance is also affected. Poor pipeline sealing will cause increased dust, negative pressure imbalance, and low powder transportation rate. The sealed pipeline work needs to be checked before production.

Suggestion: The powder locking device at the discharge port of the Raymond mill powder production line is not adjusted to the correct state, resulting in loose sealing and powder back-sucking. Ensure that the powder locking device, return air pipe valve and other valves on the pipeline are in correct and good condition. working status.

6. Pay attention to the humidity, viscosity, hardness, etc. of the material

The performance of the equipment itself is the main factor that determines the production efficiency, but the properties of the materials, such as powder humidity, viscosity, hardness, discharge particle size requirements, etc., will also affect the powder extraction rate. Please refer to the specifications and instructions for use of the equipment and operate under the corresponding requirements to achieve ideal production results.

Proper use of equipment and daily maintenance can extend the life of the Raymond mill to the greatest extent, exert outstanding performance and create ideal benefits.

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