Sand and gravel aggregate processing technology

There are more than 200 types of sand aggregate and can be used as a substitute for natural sand. Machine-made sand is the main component of concrete, and the quality of sand and gravel aggregates directly affects the durability and aesthetics of concrete. The process flow of the sand and gravel aggregate production line also directly affects the output and grain shape of the stone.

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The main process of the sand and gravel aggregate production line is divided into four steps: mining, transportation, crushing and screening. Among them, the mining machinery and equipment that need to be used are two procedures of crushing and screening. Crusher and sand making machine are the most commonly used equipment. Under the factors of different output and different raw materials of sand and gravel aggregate, the technological process and equipment configuration of the production line will not be different.

Process flow of machine-made sand

The sand and gravel aggregate processing system integrates various functions such as crushing, screening, conveying and feeding.

Process flow of machine-made sand

Process 1: preprocessing

If limestone, bluestone, river pebbles, granite and other sand-making raw materials contain too much soil and impurities, the debris that is not suitable for crushing can be sorted first, and the debris such as waste wood and plastic can be removed to facilitate the next process. The execution of the treatment process. If necessary, the raw materials can also be magnetically separated to remove the scrap iron.

Process 2: raw material crushing

The raw materials are evenly fed into the coarse crushing equipment by the vibrating feeder, and the raw materials are crushed in the first stage. After rough crushing, the materials with qualified particle size are transported by the conveying equipment to the fine crushing equipment for further crushing, and those that do not meet the requirements are returned to the rough crusher.

Process 3: stone sand making

The finely crushed stone can meet the feeding requirements of the sand making machine. At this time, the sand making machine is used to finely crush and shape the material. The particle size of the sand after being processed by the sand making machine is uniform.

Process 4: screening of finished products

Most sand screening processes use circular vibrating screens. According to user needs, the finished sand is processed by vibrating screens and can be screened and classified into coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand.

Process 5: sand cleaning

In order to improve the quality of finished sand, especially in terms of cleanliness, special sand washing equipment can be configured to clean the sand after the sand making process.

Sand and gravel aggregate processing equipment

Jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is mainly used for the primary crushing of materials, the discharge port can be adjusted between 300-400mm, and the maximum feeding size is 1500mm. The main features of the jaw crusher are high crushing rate, large import, low price, Fast cost recovery and adaptability to harsh working environments.

jaw crusher

Cone crusher

The cone crusher can be used for medium or fine crushing of materials. The maximum feeding size is 350mm. The cone crusher has an overload protection device. Its biggest advantage is that the failure rate is small, the operation is stable, and the wear is small.

cone crusher

Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is an important equipment in the production of machine-made sand, with a compressive capacity of up to 350PMa, suitable for crushing hard rocks. If the compressive capacity of the material is high, the wear of the impact crusher will be more serious. The advantage of the impact crusher is that the compressive capacity is high, and the crushed materials are mostly cubic. Therefore, if the particle size allows, the material crushed by the impact crusher can be directly used as artificial sand and gravel aggregate.

impact crusher

Impact crushing sand making machine

VSI sand making machine is also known as vertical shaft impact sand making machine. The advantages of VSI sand making machine are large processing capacity, energy saving, self-adjusting feeding method, wide application range and strong processing capacity.

sand making machine

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