Quotation of 1250mesh Ultrafine Griniding Mill

Ultrafine Griniding Mill is a grinding equipment which is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining and other mineral materials.

Ultrafine Griniding Mill has features as follows:

low noise, small vibration; large pressure, fine powder; uniform wear of grinding ring and wear roller,  long service life, is 3-5 times as long as the ordinary Raymond Mill; for hard materials processing; low iron content in the powder; it can be continuous operated, during operation does not affect the roller bearing room oiling; low power consumption, high efficiency, easy installation and maintenance; Ultrafine Griniding Mill has blade feeding, its production efficiency greatly improved.

Ultrafine Griniding Mill

Technical advantages of Ultrafine Griniding Mill

1, high utilization of tear materials, its service life is four times as long as Raymond Mill;
2, when process fine sand, compared with other milling machine effect of Ultrafine Griniding Mill is obvious;
3, Ultrafine Griniding Mill is an efficient equipment in desulfurization of power plant;
4, as the pre-grinding machine before ball mill, which can increase the efficiency of ball mill by 50%;
5, mainly for pre-grinding process of a variety of crushing brittle materials, whose hardness is less than 9.

So, Ultrafine Griniding Mill has Integrated features of high efficiency, high utilization rate of wearing parts, high safety and reliability, clean and environmental protection.

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