Processing 300 mesh bentonite-choose Clirik ultra fine mill

What is bentonite?
The main component of bentonite is montmorillonite,it is an aqueous clay mineral, with swelling, adhesion, adsorption, etc.,it is widly use in many areas. Currently bentonite fineness 300 mesh used in general, the fineness of ultra fine mill processed using the most suitable. Due to the hardness of the bentonite is relatively low, so the use of ultra fine mill to 300 mesh is very easy, but the device does not give a great deal of wear and tear. There are many manufacturers use bentonite processing equipments both are our company's ultra fine mill equipment.
Bentonite is an aqueous clay mineral, since the water content of the material is relatively high,it is not directly processed, the material needs to use the dryer and drying,then grinding.our grinding mill plant introduced the HGM ultra fine mill, stable performance, from producing one to thirty tons of equipment,now our grinding mill plant have stone grinding machines, users can visit the factory site and to buy ultra fine grinding mill equipment. We are not familiar with lime powder, in construction and other industries in the application is very extensive. Currently, the greatest demand in the market is 300 mesh lime powder, grind fineness of 300 mesh lime powder, we recommended  produced the ultra fine milling equipment.Ultra fine mill processing range between 300-3000 mesh. Limestone low hardness, processing up with a powder mill is relatively simple screening rate by up to 96%. Some users worry ultra fine mill production and quality issues. Our company can produce powders with large seven of the roller mill, the highest yield when the yield can reach about 1-30 tons, to meet the needs of most users processing. 
If you need to process 300 mesh bentonite,lime powder, you can visit our ultra fine mill company, and you can bring the material to the test the ultra fine mill,you can choose suitable ultrafine mill.Shanghai Clirik welcome you to visit!
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