How to solve the Leakage of Ultra Fine Mill?

ultra fine mill

With the continuous development of the mining industry, ultra fine mill is also widely used in various industries, especially in recent years, mineral resources are efficiently used, and therefore also greatly increased the demand for ultra fine mill more frequently. So how to properly use ultra fine mill? In order to avoid unnecessary losses, increase production, reduce production costs.
As we all know, ultra fine mill is developed and produced based on the novel in the traditional Raymond mill, its advantages: high efficiency and low consumption, long service life of wearing parts, high security and reliability,
High fineness, environment-friendly, advanced frequency control devices. The new sliding bearing vibration, shocks ultra fine mill is stronger than the old Raymond Rolling machine, suitable for the needs of ultra-fine processing.
In mining operations, the difficult conditions may cause this kind of ultra-fine grinding of small problems, such as leakage.
The oil inside the roller exhausted, remove the bottom cover, the junction surface with fine sandpaper to clean, oil-coated sealant joint surface, reassembled recovery. Note that the bottom cover assembly bolts should be tightened evenly and re-lock locking piece.
Seal, the felt need to frequently check the status of the seal, if badly worn, will have to be updated. If the seal is not good, sealing parts into the gray seal skeleton will accelerate wear and rollers when roller grind groove, you must repair or update the rollers.
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