Summer simple maintenance ultra fine grinding mill method

Summer is coming,however how to maintain ultra fine grinding mill? No matter your ultra fine mill model is big or not, or how old your ultra fine mill,you should be timely and simple maintenance. So today,Clirik ultra fine grinding mill technical staff share how to maintain the ultra fine grinding mill with everyone?
1.Cleaning ultra fine grinding mill. First ultra fine mill parts are cleaned inside and out, the connection of the body, wear rings, motors, belts, gears, etc., and all should be able to clean up the place clean.
2,When the ultra fine grinding mill cleaning process should be noted that the bolt found in various parts of the connection is complete. Whether loosening.
3,The ultrafine mill equipment malfunction tabulated, whether old or new questions wrong, must easy to difficult, all excluded.
4. After troubleshooting, you need to perform maintenance on the grinding machine, add butter to the lubrication points. At the same time according to the amount of time required to replace the lubricant specification. Gear oil.
5,After the maintenance, the mechanical device placed in a hangar.
6,Ultra fine grinding mill equipment before each start, you need to check the ultra fine mill,spare parts, etc. are missing. Filled to the timely replacement. A long time out of the machine, there may be a new fault, before use to exclude not sick jobs.
7. Once the ultra fine grinding mill after use, to timely internal residual waste cleanup, and then store it in a dry place, should not be placed in a moist environment,however,leading to ultra fine mill rust corrosion.
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