Key points of ultra fine powder grinder

How to choose ultra fine powder grinder?

‎There are many models of grinding machine on the market, such as ‎‎ ‎‎ultra-fine powder grinder,‎‎ ‎‎ Raymond mill, high-strength grinding mill, etc. , they look similar, but the performance is very different, if hasty choice, will have an impact on the future production efficiency and income, so what are some of the key points we need to know when choosing a ultra fine powder mill?‎

‎1. grinding material is what? ‎
‎Although most of the materials in nature can be ground, but the material type, hardness, humidity and other properties are different, the selected grinding equipment is not the same, only clear their own needs, can buy the right equipment.‎

‎2. the requirements of finished materials?‎
‎Each ore grinder has its specific feed size and discharge fineness range, if the material size is appropriate, no need to configure crushing equipment can grind powder, otherwise the need to configure the appropriate crushing equipment, the number of finished powder is also a key point, the higher the number of items required, the finer the powder, the higher the performance of the grinder.‎

‎3. production capacity can meet the requirements? ‎
‎Production capacity related to user income, is the key factor in the selection of equipment, many manufacturers produce ultra-fine grinding machine, the actual production capacity and publicity is not consistent, which also requires users to buy when polishing their eyes, to visit the field.‎

‎What factors affect the output of ultra fine grinding mill?‎

Ultra fine grinder‎‎ ‎‎ is the processing of ore material equipment, the equipment in the process of use is not only easy to operate, at the same time production efficiency is also very high, the use of high fine mill is very wide, can be processed on a variety of materials, such as: limestone, heavy crystal, marble, bentonite, bauxite, etc., the output is an important measure of a mill, then what factors will affect the output of ultra fine mill?‎

‎The structure of the high fine grinder consists of fan, host, analyzer, duct, cyclone collector, dust remover and other components. Among them, the high fine grinding machine host includes electric motor, reducer, transmission device, shell, wind snail shell, center shaft, plum rack, grinding roller, grinding ring, blade and other components.‎

‎1. the type of grinder is different. Different kinds of grinders have different structures and different production capacity, so the yield is different. ‎

‎2. the fineness of the material. The larger the number of items required to grind powder, the longer the grinder will have to work to break the material to the desired granularity, so that the output per unit of time is reduced. ‎

‎3. grinding machine grinding device wear. Grinding machine for a long time to carry out crushing work, grinding equipment is easy to wear, reduce grinding capacity, production efficiency is reduced, production is also reduced. ‎

Ultra fine grinding mill in the field of modern processing and production, for the enterprise's processing and production has an indispensable role. Ultra fine mill grinding quality, fine powder. Ultra fine powder grinding is very good to improve the production efficiency of enterprises, for enterprises to create huge economic benefits. At the same time, because of these years to optimize the processing and production procedures, improve the production and processing of equipment environmental performance, reduce power consumption, noise generation.‎

ultra fine powder grinder

‎The key to improve the powder yield of ultra fine powder grinder‎

‎Ultra-fine powder grinder widely used in mining, chemical, building materials, smelting, ceramics and other industries. And can be limestone, granite, aluminum ore, gypsum, kaolin, ceramics and other materials for grinding powder processing, the particle size between 80-325. So what components should be started to improve the powdering rate of ultra fine grinders? The following is a small compilation for a simple analysis. ‎

‎1. ultra-fine grinder conveyor duct if blocked, may cause powder body can not be transported normally, will cause powder yield is low or even do not powder the problem, to solve the processing need to stop dredging the pipeline material, do a good job of sealing, and re-start the material. ‎

‎Like duct blockage we recommend that the inner wall of pipes and silos should be as smooth as possible, excellent lining galvanized plate or stainless steel plate, the discharge taper of the warehouse should be as small as possible, excellent silo wall vibrator. Because the material contains ultra-fine powder condensation effect is large, loose proportion is small, the volume is large, but also easy to adhere to the pipe wall and the warehouse wall is not easy to fall, so we must keep the pipe smooth. ‎

‎2. but the pipeline in addition to blockage, sealing is also good, pipe sealing will cause more dust, negative pressure offset, powder delivery rate is low, sealing pipe work must be thoroughly checked before production. ‎

‎3. ultra fine grinding mill due to the physical properties of various non-metallic mineral raw materials, chemical composition is a huge difference, such as graphite, gypsum and other less dense minerals, in the adjustment of wind pressure and air volume should be relatively dense minerals to be small, such as heavy crystal and iron ore, etc. , in the appropriate adjustment, if too large, it will be easy to make coarse particles in the grading machine screening can not be very good grading into the finished product, there will be non-conforming products, such as too small, the host is blocked. Therefore, we must adjust the blower wind pressure and air volume reasonably. ‎

‎4. the performance of ultra-fine grinding mill itself is the main factor that determines the productivity, but the nature of the material, the humidity, viscosity and hardness of the material, the granularity requirements, etc., will affect the output of powder. Therefore, reasonable use of equipment, do a good job of daily maintenance, so as to effectively extend the life of ultra-fine powder grinder, so as to play outstanding performance, to create the ideal benefits.‎

ultra fine grinding mill

‎How should you choose ultra fine grinder manufacturers?‎

‎First of all, the actual quality of ultra-fine grinding mill is very important. Because there are many manufacturers of ultra-fine grinders, some manufacturers produce equipment to meet the enterprise scale production conditions, focus on the inspection required by the relevant national environmental standards.‎

‎Second, the ability of ultra-fine grinder suppliers, for equipment suppliers of the ability of the size and production enterprises are very important, if the supply is not timely will bring huge losses to the production of enterprises. At the same time, for the above two points, in addition to looking at the production capacity of ultra-fine grinding machine, but also need to pay attention to the configuration of the market. ‎

‎Third, ultra-fine powder grinder manufacturer's technical ability, need to provide specifications and requirements according to the enterprise's ability, as well as whether it can provide professional customization.‎

‎Fourth, users in the choice of ultra-fine mill manufacturers, you can compare several prices, and to see which price is relatively reasonable, in general, the price factor is the purchase of ultra-fine mill important factors. About the same price of equipment, different manufacturers have different prices, but the price is not the higher the better, so users press according to their own cost-effective to make full consideration. ‎

‎Fifth, ultra-fine grinding machine manufacturers after-sales service system, only have good sales and after-sales service, in the production process, problems can be properly handled in a timely manner, so as to truly ensure the interests of customers, and can create more benefits for customers.‎

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