What is the maintenance method of ultrafine powder mill?

Whether the pulverizer is durable depends on how to maintain it. Well maintained pulverizing equipment has a longer service life and saves a lot of costs for the company.

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What should we pay attention to in the maintenance of superfine grinding mill?

(1) During the use of ultra-fine pulverizer, special personnel shall be responsible for establishing post responsibility system and operation specifications. The operator must be familiar with the performance, use requirements and operating procedures of the machine. New employees must receive technical training and can only work after meeting the requirements.

(2) The lubrication work of the transmission part in the accessories of the ultra-fine pulverizer must be done in place. It is not easy to add too much or too little lubricant. The lubricant selection in winter and summer should be correct, and the cleaning work of this part must pay attention to that impurities will pollute the lubricant and affect its lubrication effect. It is best to clean it thoroughly and add new lubricant regularly according to the working intensity.

(3) Check the back blowing air pressure of the filter bag dust collector frequently to avoid the blockage of the filter bag and the decrease of fan current will affect the output of the equipment. Usually, pay attention to the firm sealing of all joints of the pipeline to ensure no air leakage. Check the dust remover regularly. If the filter bag is damaged, it shall be replaced in time to avoid pollution caused by dust leakage. The drain switch at the lower part of the oil-water separator shall drain water 2-4 times every 8 hours.

(4) Check all parts frequently and fasten them in time in case of looseness to avoid accidents. If the wearing parts such as grinding roller, grinding ring, mounting plate and shaft pin are seriously worn, the wearing parts shall be replaced at the same time to ensure normal production. The muffler shall be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive resistance and affecting the air volume of the system.

(5) The external working environment of the ultra-fine pulverizer should avoid outdoor production. Exposure to the sun and rain will cause varying degrees of damage to the mill. If there is water in the body, the effect will be worse. The leakage surface of the mill shall also be coated with anti rust grease. If rust is found, it shall be treated immediately and anti rust repair measures shall be taken. Guilin Hongcheng pulverizer can be operated in the open air. The maintenance of ultra-fine pulverizer greatly reduces the problems of enterprise maintenance and site layout.

(6) The working hours of the mill should be planned in detail. Like people, the machine should avoid overwork as much as possible. Overwork operation not only has low production efficiency and great damage to the machine, but also is one of the killers to shorten the service life.

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What are the advantages of superfine powder mill?

(1) The superfine grinding production line integrates crushing, grinding, grading and conveying. It has a vertical structure and compact layout.

(2) From the perspectives of grinding efficiency, material drying, wear of vulnerable parts, maintenance and replacement of accessories, the ultra-fine pulverizer realizes lower energy consumption, stronger drying capacity, lower wear of core parts and more convenient maintenance, so as to save the equipment operation cost of customers.

(3) In the ultra-fine pulverizer, repeated grinding is reduced, and the product particle size and chemical composition are better controlled, which is convenient to stabilize the product quality. At the same time, the grinding roller is not in direct contact with the grinding disc, and the iron content in the product is low, which effectively ensures the whiteness and purity of the material.

(4) The ultra-fine pulverizer has stable operation, low vibration and low noise. It is sealed and works under negative pressure without dust overflow. It is equipped with automatic control system to realize the free switching between remote control and local control, which is easy to operate and saves labor.

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