how to reduce oil pollution of ultra fine mill

With China’s economy developing, the technology of ultra fine mill is more and more skilled, yet it still existed some problem. Such as oil pollution, not easy to operation. There are some low investment to improve those situation as referred.

1. Replace roller copper sleeve for rolling bearing
This replacing could reduce oil pollution. Sometime tile set seal destroyed or over fuel oil could cause pollution for powder. Replacing roller copper sleeve could reduce electrical energy, and improve economical benefit. It also can avoid string of grinding roller. During grinding, it can reduce leakage of material.

2. Changing differential drive
It can reduce oil pollution and noise, improve speed and precision to change chain transmission for toothed belt transmission. It is beneficial to keep ultra fine mill clean and repair.

3. Properly improve the grinding roller speed
As for factories who want to improve the capacity of powder, they could improve speed of grinding roller from 450-500r/min to 550-600r/min, which could improve the economical benefit, and reduce cost. The way is sample. It just need to change motor pulley.

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