Kaolin's processing, ultra fine grinding mill is necessary

Kaolin owned many features, for example, plasticity, high cohesiveness, electrical insulating property and so on. So kaolin has been used in the industries of making paper, coram, chemical, and so on. In paper-making industry, kaolin be used as packing in making paper, and pigment in covering surface coated. With the nation’s economy developing, the value of kaolin was dept and made itself one of main materials in Materials science.

Deep processing of kaolin show its value, but before deep processing of kaolin it need ultra fine grinding mill. Due to Clirik’s ultra fine grinding mill, kaolin has successfully been main resource in all kinds of high technology. High pressure suspension grinding mill and vertical grinding mill in Clirik are professional for grinding kaolin. High press suspension is easy to install, and low failure rate, got a good reputation from all the country.
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