Which factores can depend on the capacity of ultra grinding mill?

For the user of ultra grinding mill, what they care are the quality and capacity of ultra grinding machine. but who depend on the capacity of machine? Now we will discuss the factors when choosing ultra grinding mill.

ultra grinding mill
1.The difference on motivation. Electric or diesel engine power and revolving speed combined with ultra fine mill, will have an great influence on improving crushing capacity, during working.

2. Water content of materials. The same material with different water content will produce different capacity. Once some material’s water content is high, crushing is difficult. Therefore, if you want to improve the capacity of crushing, it is necessary control the water content of material.

3.The rationality of complete set. It’s reasonable effective match for ultra mill grinding’s elevator, blower, and dust cleaner. To some content, it limit to the capacity of crushing.

4.The kind of materials. The kind of material has an great effect on the capacity and effectiveness of ultra grinding mill. The diversity of structure leads to the different capacity. Usually the corn and broomcorn are crushable and high capacity. Rice polishing and straw are hard to crush, and low capacity.


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