400 mesh ore mill with high vertical mill output

Clirik's HGM vertical mill for 400 mesh ore mills has a production capacity of 3 to 80 tons per hour. Why the output range is so large, because the 400 mesh ore mill HGM vertical mill has a variety of small, medium and large models, and the processed materials have different grindability. If the HGM vertical mill is used to grind raw materials, it can reach 600-730 tons per hour. This 400-mesh ore mill is HGM80 with a diameter of 5600mm.
Clirik400 mesh ore mill HGM vertical mill parameter range
{Vertical Mill Model}: HGM80
{Wheel Diameter}: 800mm ~ 5600mm
{Raw material moisture}: <3%
{Hematite powder fineness}: 100 mesh ~ 400 mesh
{Product Moisture}: ≤1%
{Output}: 3-730t / h
HGM vertical mill
The 400 mesh ore mill HGM vertical mill focuses on the field of fly ash, cement, slag, and non-metallic ore milling. It has low power consumption, high grinding efficiency, large feed particle size, small footprint, low noise, and dust Small, easy to use and maintain, low operating costs, low comprehensive investment costs and other obvious advantages.
Clirik's 400 mesh ore mill HGM vertical mill production line has high output and the product fineness meets most industrial powder requirements. If you want to know the complete quotation of this equipment, please call 008613917147829
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