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What is zeolite powder?

Zeolite powder is made by grinding natural zeolite rock, and the color is light green and white. It can remove 95% of the ammonia nitrogen in the water, purify the water quality and alleviate the phenomenon of water transfer.

The main characteristics of zeolite powder

(1) Moisture absorption: The dried zeolite powder has strong water absorption, so it can be used as a desiccant.

(2) Adsorbed gas: gas molecules are easily adsorbed by the molecules in the zeolite powder structure. Once adsorbed, some gas molecules will remain in the zeolite powder forever and will not be released. However, some gas molecules will be released under certain circumstances in order to achieve a more stable structure. The gas molecules easily adsorbed by zeolite powder include ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.

(3) Cation exchange: The chemical structure of zeolite powder is negatively charged, so it is easy to perform ion exchange with neighboring cations, making the structure tend to be neutral in charge. This feature enables zeolite powder to be used in water softening, industrial wastewater treatment (removal of heavy metals and radioisotopes), sewage treatment, odor control, and soil improvement.


The main purpose of zeolite powder:

  • additive

Adding (150 mesh) clinoptilolite powder to grass carp feed can increase the survival rate of grass carp.

The addition of zeolite powder group has obvious growth-promoting effect, and also changed the body shape of grass carp into high-quality carp.

  • Improver

Using zeolite powder (200 mesh) in the water can remove ammonia nitrogen in the water, purify the water quality, and alleviate the phenomenon of water transfer.

  • Carrier

Zeolite has various basic conditions as a carrier and diluent for additive premix, and it is not easy to be damp and mixed with the inorganic salt containing crystal water to absorb the water in it and enhance the fluidity of the feed.

The rough surface and porous structure of zeolite make it have a strong carrying capacity, which not only makes the material uniformly adsorbed on the surface, but also adsorbs into the pores and channels, which improves the availability of    materials and greatly improves the mixing efficiency.


Zeolite powder production process:

Larger zeolite raw materials are first crushed by a jaw crusher, and then uniformly sent to the material bin by a conveyor belt and a bucket elevator. It is sent from the material bin to the main grinding machine, where it is crushed and ground. Then the powder is selected. Only the powder with qualified fineness can pass through the classifier, and the unqualified powder will fall into the main grinding chamber and be ground again until it is qualified.


Types of zeolite grinding mills:

Regarding the grinding host, here are two cost-effective ultrafine grinding mills: HGM ultrafine grinding mill and CLUM vertical roller mill.
ultrafine grinding millvertical roller mill
They can all be used to grind zeolite, and the finest zeolite powder can reach 3000 meshes. HGM series mills have small footprint, low energy consumption, simple operation and convenient maintenance. CLUM series powder mills have higher output and good shape of finished products, which are especially suitable for large-volume production of white powder in the field of high-end fine powder.

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