kyanite ultra fine grinding and kyanite ultra fine grinding mill's prices

     Kyanite ultra fine grinding introduction:
     In kyanite powder processing technology, It according to the different fineness to choose diffirent kyanite ultra fina mills, can produce various kyanite powder to suitable various uses , so as to meet the Various industries processing requirements, The specific kyanite powder processing technology and equipment's choose you can ask Shanghai Clirik machinery co., LTD.Kyanite in steel industry, and the preparation of the floor and wall brick will have larger growth;In glass and ceramic industry will be in the amount of steady state.Can say the future demand for kyanite concentrates mainly is to develop in the direction of high purity, its products to a variety of development and high quality.
     Black clouds pomegranate kyanite gneiss type ore, the main mineral of kyanite, black mica, plagioclase, secondary mineral is quartz, silk (white) mica, garnet and staurolite.Kyanite chlorite schist type ore, the main mineral of kyanite, chlorite, the secondary mineral of plagioclase, biotite, Muscovite, quartz, graphite, etc.Huang Yulan SPAR quartz schist type ore, the main mineral of kyanite, quartz, Muscovite, secondary mineral of topaz, rutile, pyrite, etc.
     Kyanite ultra fine grinding mill new features mainly reflects in:

     First kyanite ultra fine grinding mill's equipment.It in the same final fineness and power, than a jet mill, stirring mill, ball mill production more than twice as high, has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving.
    Second  kyanite ultra fine grinding mill's equipment.It's grinding roller and grinding ring forging the use of special material, which makes use of degree is greatly increased.Under the condition of the same material and finished product fineness, specific impulse loss of life.
    Third Kyanite ultra fine grinding mill for grinding chamber without rolling bearings, screws, therefore,It will not exist the problem of bearing and sealing elements , and there is no screw loose and damaged machine problem, more safety and reliability.
    Fourth kyanite ultra fine grinding mill's fineness can reach D97 5 microns or less, so the product fineness high.
    Fifth  Kyanite ultra fine grinding mill - using impulse precipitator dust capture, muffler are adopted to decrease the noise, has the characteristics of environmental protection, clean.
      Kyanite ultra fine grinding mill working principle:
     When it working the host motor through the gear reducer drive shaft and rotate it, on the edge of the rotary roller pin drive dozens of roller in the roll of ring rolling within the tao.
Large pieces of material by the hammer crusher broken into small particles into the storage bin by elevator, after vibration feeder, and the oblique feeding tube, the material evenly on the dispersing materials plate to the top of the table.
    Kyanite ultra fine grinding mill technical parameters:

Model HGM80 HGM90 HGM100 HGM100A HGM125
Ring Diameter(mm) 800 930 1035 1035 1300
Ring Number (PCS) 3 3-4 3 4 4
Roller Number(PCS) 21 24-32 27 34-36 40-44
Main Shaft Speed (r. p. min) 230-240 200-220 180-200 180-200 135-155
Input Size (mm) ≤20
Finished Size (um) 5-47(325-2500)
Capacity (t/h) 0.5-4.5 0.6-6.5 0.7-7 1-8.5 1.5-12
Outlet Size L*W*H (m) 13.9*4*6.2 14.7*4.8*7.2 18*4.6*8.6 18*4.6*8.6 14*9*10.25
Motor powder (KW) 145-165 185-204 263 263-290 380-430

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