HGM ultra mill advantages compared with the traditional equipment has six big technology

      Shanghai Clirik HGM ultra mill.It applicat of many new national patent technology, novel design, reasonable structure, cover an area of an area small, low power consumption, long operating life,and high cost performance, etc.It's technical performance reached the international leading level, and Raymond mill, ball mill, high pressure roller suspension compared with the traditional ultra mill  has six major technical advantages:
       First: It using that can improve the efficiency of crushing the trapezoid grinding roller and grinding ring.The grinding roller and grinding ring are designed in ladder-like, reduced into the material's slip velocity between grinding roller and grinding ring, so as to prolong the time of material to improve the crushing effect.
    Second:It can balance the pressure effect of pressure spring and can have smooth shock absorption effect of elastic coupling.This machine adopts the lever principle, the symmetrical roller assembly with horizontal spring through link together, when the top put a big materials roller assembly, the radial force can be passed to the roller assembly symmetrical plane to spring rod balance, this condition, the equipment of the whole stress point compared to other products increase by about 40%;While the elastic coupling device reduces the vibration and noise, to avoid the resonance.
    Third:It can improve the classifier impeller powder precision and high density products chosen.Practice shows that under the condition of the rotating speed is constant, increase the density of leaf tablet can improve the fineness of finished product, in other words, in the case of finished product fineness do not need to change, high density than low density impeller rotational speed is low, reduce the air resistance, the finished product yield under the same power increase more than 50%
    Fourth It with high efficiency and energy saving of centrifugal induced draft fan.Traditional ultra mill with straight blade old fan efficiency is only 62%, and the impeller and blade are mold stamping molding efficiency of the energy saving induced draft fan for more than 85%.
     Fifth It convenient impeller adjusting device.Clearance between housing and end of powder concentrator's blade also effects fineness of finished product, this patent technology is convenient to adjust the clearance.
    Sixth It unique design inward tilt of the air duct, make sure the materials in the girding chamber enter into the wind along the inclined plane smoothly into ultra mill.
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