How to Choose Ultra Fine Powder Mill for Yourself

With the rapidly developing of science and technology, and the grinding equipment industry has also made new breakthroughs. Nowadays, the ultra fine powder mill on the market are exquisite, there are dozens of models of light mills, and there are different professional ultra fine powder mill for processing different materials. Users have long seen when purchasing ultra fine powder mill. Take a look. So which kind of ultra fine powder mill is good? In fact, the mill that suits your needs is a good ultra fine powder mill.

Users should follow their own needs when purchasing a ultra fine powder mill. First check the product quality from the appearance of the equipment, carefully watch the rack of the ultra fine powder mill, the casing is bumpy, whether there are obvious factory problems, such as manufacturing defects and damage, whether the paint on the outside of the equipment is bright and smooth, and the color is reasonable. Whether there is flow paint or paint leakage, observe whether the fasteners of the equipment are complete and tightly installed.

It is also necessary to turn on the power to test the machine. By observing the overall operation of the machine, if the problem is found, the test machine must be stopped immediately. Inspection of the internal wear marks of the equipment: After the end of the test machine, it is necessary to open the casing and carefully observe the wear scar condition on the two grinding discs. Uniformly distributed wear marks are normal. Generally speaking, the wear marks on the edges of the grinding sheets are deeper and the middle is more appropriate. Special attention is paid to the fact that cracks and notches of any size cannot occur on the grinding sheets.

Finally, the inspection of documents and spare parts: the purchased ultra fine powder mill needs to have the certificate of grinding inspection, the nameplate of the product and the instruction manual of the equipment, and also carefully check the tools and spare parts that are equipped. It is convenient for the replacement of consumable parts for follow-up work. Also, when purchasing the ultra fine powder mill, it is necessary to purchase several sets of grinding discs for spare use.

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