What are the daily maintenance methods for the mill?

As a mechanical equipment, the pulverizer will encounter some minor problems during daily use. Today we will focus on introducing the maintenance method of the powder grinder.

Shredders are widely used in the field of grinding and processing mineral materials, and are the main equipment in mining, metallurgy, construction, and chemical industries. In order to ensure the stability and production efficiency of the mill, daily maintenance and maintenance are important tasks. So, what is the maintenance method of the mill?

powder grinding mill

1. Clean the grinder regularly: The grinder will produce some residual materials during the working process, so we must clean it regularly. It is not only necessary to clean the inside and outside of equipment parts. The body, grinding ring, grinding roller, grinding ring, blade, bearing and other parts must also be inspected thoroughly.
2. Check the screws of each part: Loose screws are easy to cause equipment loss, but due to the long-term operation of the machine, the screws of various parts of the fuselage are easy to loose and fall. In order to ensure the safety of the machine, we need to check the mill regularly Of screws.
3. Record faults every day: We need to record the faults of the rolling mill, and also pay attention to whether the same problem occurs during each inspection, so as to avoid the machine from malfunctioning.
4. Shut down in accordance with the prescribed procedures: the shutdown procedure is very important, it directly affects the life and safety of the equipment. When shutting down, you must first stop the feed and let the host continue to work in order to continue to grind the remaining abrasive. About one minute later, turn off the host motor and analyzer motor, stop the grinding work, and then stop the fan motor, and then blow off the remaining powder .
5. Regular maintenance and maintenance: We should regularly lubricate the main shaft, grinding roller shaft, reducer, analyzer and other components. The lubricant must be selected according to the instructions, and the necessary parts and wearing parts must be replaced regularly according to the instructions.
The daily maintenance skills of the factory are actually very simple. We have to carry out regular cleaning, daily inspection and maintenance, and operate in accordance with the regulations to ensure the daily use of the factory.

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