Ultrafine grinding mill in many industries has been widely used

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, China's ultra-fine powder technology increasingly mature. Non-mineral resources, more and more into all walks of life, the emergence of ultrafine grinding mill, micro powder grinding mill and other ultra-fine powder processing equipment to the mining machinery industry has brought a big change, promote the development of ultra-fine powder processing technology Especially in recent years it has become the main direction of scientific research institutions and professional grinding mill company research.
ultrafine grinding mill
As a high-performance grinding mill equipment, ultrafine grinding mill in many other industries are widely used, for example, in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining, and other industries pigment material crushing. Development of ultra-fine grinding technology and ultrafine grinding mill equipment on a certain extent, determines the rational development and utilization of non-metallic mineral effect. At present the country has been able to produce all kinds of ultra-fine grinding mill equipment and grading equipment crushing, performance, and process equipment has been gradually approaching the world advanced level, Shanghai Clirik production of ultrafine grinding mill more in the fineness of grinding to achieve a high level of technology .
Shanghai Clirik ultrafine grinding mill product size in the same situation, 40% higher than production in the rest of powder series; wearing parts utilization. In the same material and product size, the service life of wearing parts is higher than in other mining machinery,ultrafine grinding mill design rigorous, and there is no problem destroying the machine screw loose, and clean and environmentally friendly. Pulse dust collector and muffler reduce the use of dust pollution and noise, to the national environmental standards.
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