Our ultrafine powder mill can process olivine

Olivine is a mafic minerals, the main ingredient is iron or magnesium silicate, also contains manganese, nickel, cobalt and other elements, crystal grainy, below nesosilicate. Peridot is widely used as a refractory material and chemical industries.our grinding mill plant produce olivine ultrafine powder mill.
With Shanghai Clirik technology research and development continues to mature, the company's ultrafine powder mill can expand the range more widely, not only confined to calcite, limestone, pyrophyllite, barite ore and other traditional common materials, especially in recent years, Our researchers actively develop new equipment features, and constantly improve the ultrafine powder mill production line configuration, a positive test new materials processing. Currently known applications can achieve good results include our products in the quartz micro-grinding aspect of the application, silicon carbide wollastonite, quartz sand powder processing areas and, more recently, a new technology successfully, using both Clirik ultrafine powder mill equipment to process olivine.
Recently,our company ultrafine powder mill equipment successfully into the olivine powder processing, in domestic customer site, after our technicians two days and nights of commissioning and installation, the company first olivine powder production line successfully. After rigorous technical measure, both in the product and fineness of olivine powder have reached the customer requirements. The installation of equipment is the company's first model HGM80 type a mill, the mill can achieve the highest purpose of product fineness 3000, the output can be up to 4 tons, it is the same domestic model, the same processing as the fineness of the Yield biggest one.
Olivine ultrafine powder mill's successful line marks the company's ultrafine powder mill products to the production of olivine powder demand.
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