Ultra fine powder grinding mill of Five Maintenance

The advent of ultra fine powder grinding mill to people's lives with a convenient, powder mill is Shanghai Clirik technology sector after several innovative R & D, testing, design of an efficient low cost ultra fine powder grinding mill processing equipment, successfully replaced the traditional jet mill, ball mill classifier complex procedures, greatly reduce production costs, improve product fineness. Proved by thousands of domestic users, the device has a superior performance, stable quality, simple operation, easy maintenance and other advantages, is ideal for ultra fine powder grinding mill processing equipment.
ultra fine powder grinding mill
Utra fine powder grinding mill in normal use requires constant maintenance. It's five maintenance methods, each user should know.
1. Clean grinding mill, the mill parts are cleaned inside and out, body, grinding ring, roller, electric motors, belts, gears, joints, etc., all should be able to clean the place clean. The purpose of this is to be found in the site for vulnerabilities, do the whole "body" Check.
2. In the grinding mill cleanup process should pay attention to discovering the connecting bolt parts are complete, loose lost, loose fastening, padded lost.
3. The failure powder grinding mill equipment fitted to a form that appears, from easy to difficult, one by one removed, can not repeat the same fault occurs, especially concerning the safety of failure but also to exclude.
The ultra fine powder grinding mill would be excluded after the failure of the machine for maintenance, lubrication points to beat the butter, according to the requirements of the specification on time to replace oil, gear oil.
5. After doing maintenance, the mechanical equipment on a flat solid grounds, If you have conditions can be parked in a dedicated hangar.
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