How Ultra fine grinder to carry out procedures

Now when ultrafine grinder used more widely, but a lot of customers correct procedures when in use but do not know how to operate, today we look at this in terms of how to properly operate the hope that these contents to our customers the help.
ultrafine grinder
Ultrafine grinder operation should be carried out strictly in accordance with regulations, the machine performance are familiar with the selected personnel to operate.
Before the start of flour, you should check whether all access doors closed tight, jaw crusher clearance check whether the feed grain size, adjust the speed of the analysis should be up to the approximate finished machine size requirements. Finally, in the following order start: start "hoist → crusher → analysis machine host → → → Fan feeder when you start analyzing machine, silos have to wait until the material; empty load when you start the blower first start until normal operation. after loading; instant start at boot host electromagnetic vibrating feeder.
Ultrafine grinder Stop
Should be closed down in the following order each machine:
1, turn off the feeder to stop feeding;
2, the host stopped after about a minute;
3, blowing the powder residue net stop blower;
4, and finally close the Analytical Engine
Stop order is: Feeders → Host → blower → analysis machine.
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