Ultra Fine Powder Grinder for Gypsum Powder Hot Sale 2021

Gypsum is one of the five major gel materials. The main component is water-containing calcium sulfate, mostly white translucent crystals; it can be carved with fingernails, so it is also called "soft plaster". Anhydrite that loses crystal water is called anhydrite; fibrous gypsum is called fibrous gypsum, which has obvious silky luster; crystals that are colorless and transparent like glass are called translucent gypsum; there are also alabaster and earthy gypsum.


What is Gypsum Powder Used For?

Gypsum powder can be divided into gypsum powder for building materials, gypsum powder for chemical industry, gypsum powder for molds, gypsum powder for food, and gypsum powder for casting.
Gypsum powder used in construction: it can be used as a raw material for construction products such as building gypsum board, gypsum block, plastering gypsum, putty powder, quick-drying powder, gypsum thread, etc. In the construction industry, the plaster gypsum obtained by calcining gypsum to 170°C is used to coat ceilings, boards and cornices, etc.; when it is fired to 750°C, it is ground into powder and made of hydraulic gypsum, used to make printing Floors, window frames, window sills, steps, wall eaves, etc.

Gypsum powder used in construction 

Gypsum powder used for the mold: the gypsum is heated to 150°C to remove the crystal water to mature the gypsum. The powder is mixed with water and mixed into a plastic slurry, which is an ideal sculpture material for artists.

Gypsum powder used for the mold 

Food gypsum powder: The purity of food gypsum powder is high, and the whiteness is better from the color. It is raw gypsum, and it can be used by grinding gypsum ore into fine powder. For example, gypsum powder is needed to make tofu.

Food gypsum powder

Medical plaster powder: Plaster has a great effect in medicine. Dentists use plaster as a gum model; after a fracture, plaster bandages are used to fix the fracture site, which is beneficial to the healing of the fracture. In addition, gypsum is a traditional Chinese medicine blindly, which has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, astringent muscle growth, and clearing away heat and trouble. Decoction can treat fever and cough, and external use can treat long-term non-healing wounds.

Medical plaster powder

Is Gypsum Powder Safe To Eat?

In China,Gypsum powder can be used as a traditional Chinese medicine and has great value.

Gypsum powder and plaster powder:

1. Used for heat certificate. Gypsum powder is used in combination with Anemarrhena. It is generally used in combination with Scrophulariaceae and rhino horn for high fever, rash, qi and blood burns.

2. Treat lung heat, cough, polydipsia. It is generally used in combination with ephedra and almonds to clear the lungs, heat, relieve cough, and relieve asthma.

3. Used for high fever, headache, gum swelling and pain, toothache. It is generally used in combination with Anemarrhena and Achyranthes to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

4. Treat eczema, sore ulcers, water and fire burns. Use with Indigo Naturalis and Cork.
Studies have shown that gypsum can increase the concentration of calcium ions in the serum and inhibit the body temperature regulation center, so it has antipyretic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects.

The raw gypsum is heated and becomes mature gypsum powder. It has a wide range of uses. It is mainly used in the production of baked goods. It is a raw material for making yeast. It is also used to make candied fruit, ice cream and other frozen desserts. In addition, it can also be used in beer brewing. Gypsum powder is a pure natural additive, which is harmless to the human body, but it is not edible with Yang deficiency and cold syndrome, spleen and stomach weakness, and blood deficiency.

Introduction to the Production Process Of Gypsum Powder:

The process of building gypsum powder production line project is divided into four steps:   
(1) Broken process: Crushing large pieces of material through a jaw crusher
(2) Grinding process: Grinding through powder grinder
(3) Calcining process: High temperature calcination by industrial calciner
(4) Storage and transportation links

How to Make Gypsum Powder

The following mill equipment can be selected for processing gypsum powder:
• YGM high-pressure suspension roller Raymond mill: processing fineness between 15-425 mesh (fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily).
• HGM three-ring medium-speed ultra fine powder grinder: processing fineness between 325-3000 mesh (fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily).
• European version of coarse powder mill: processing fineness less than 3mm.

Why Choose HGM Ultra Fine Powder Grinder for Gypsum Powder Making:

HGM ultra fine powder grinder is suitable for gypsum grinding, and the fineness can be adjusted between 300-3000 mesh. You can adjust the production according to the fineness requirements of the gypsum powder. In addition, it is also suitable for ore grinding with Mohs hardness less than 7. HGM ultra fine powder grinder is safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It occupies a small area and is easy to operate. It is a fine powder grinding machine with high cost performance.

If you have the needs of grinding gypsum powder or other ore powder, you are welcome to contact us at any time, we will arrange professional and technical personnel to connect with you, and we can make the best plan for you free of charge according to your needs. This HGM ultra fine powder grinder is very suitable for the situation where the plant area is limited, and it is very easy for workers to get started. If your daily output demand is high and the plant area is large enough, you can also learn about our large-volume vertical roller mill. In all, no matter what your needs are, we have the best solution for you. Contact us immediately!

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