Solve Ultra-fine powder machine host oil spill

The oil leakage of the Ultra-fine powder machine is a normal phenomenon. Many people will be particularly afraid of being hurt when they encounter this kind of situation. In fact, the oil leakage of the Ultra-fine powder machine is often caused by improper operation or long-term work, causing some parts to rub for a long time. Somewhere the gap becomes bigger and the oil leaks, and the aging of the machine also causes oil leakage. It is not a big problem, and it can be solved in time.

Ultra-fine powder machine oil leakage

1. Oil seal damage

Many parts of the Ultra-fine powder machine use advanced oil seals. If the oil seal is damaged, or when it is refueling, the high pressure oil gun will cause the oil seal to rupture, which is the main factor of oil leakage.

2. The oil is not qualified

The viscosity of the lubricating oil is too high or too low. The viscosity of the oil is too large, the oil pump will not go up, the oil will cause the sleeve to bear the lack of oil and heat, resulting in bearing damage and oil leakage. The lubricating oil is too thin and the viscosity is not enough to make it overflow.
ultrafine powder machine
In order to ensure that the Ultra-fine powder machine will not leak oil, in addition to ensuring proper daily maintenance, it is necessary to understand the equipment. The correct addition and use of lubricants can avoid the phenomenon of oil leakage from the Ultra-fine powder machine. The customer should refuel according to the specifications of the mill model purchased and strictly follow the instructions. The label and viscosity of the oil should be controlled to ensure safe and smooth production.
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