Reliable choice-Shanghai Clirik ultra fine grinding


    Shanghai clirik machinery co., LTD. is specialized in producing all kinds of ore processing equipment of the enterprise,aim at different ore materials and  the market demand's materials,we are able to carry on the corresponding processing equipment to the market, It's being used for various industries, Aim at the market development trend, Our ultra fine grinding push out the small micro powder mill series products for your choosing, It's for some of the ore materials appear in the market, we are able to carry on the corresponding production and processing, and finished product material can reach the demand from all walks of life state.

   Now  the market economy is developing very fast, the living standard of people also along with the development of market economy has a corresponding change, the applications of mineral materials need to have the corresponding change.Because people mostly tend to  ultra fine to the requirement of all kinds of products, It's makes all kinds of industry production use of ore materials tend to ultra fine powder, and it let more grinding plants production super fine powder or powder, these are possible, and it becomes a batch of use in the market.

   Clirik micro powder mill series products to mohs hardness below level 7 ore material processing to finished product fineness in 325-3500 meshs of finished material, When various industries  request iron ore material in the market , our Clirik  was able to perfect processing, it all comes from analyst in our company, Aim at the ore on the market the need for the corresponding analysis, potential demand were analyzed, and also let us market can run more smoothly.

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