High quality and efficiency ultra-fine grinding machine in China

Ultra-fine  Grinding machine is a professional mill equipment.It makes different   materials for broken into powder. Shanghai clirik machinery co., LTD is specializing in the production of mineral ultra fine mill equipment, It's for all kinds of mineral materials, such as calcite, limestone, kaolin, dolomite, and so on ore is the most suitable material.

The company  production professional products of mining machinery, It's change the traditional crushing mode and make useful ore and waste rock impurities dissociation thoroughly, especially suitable for low grade ore roughing, as early as possible aside from tailings.It makes enrichment of useful mineral elements, and really reflect the "more broken less grinding, lean ore rich choice, can get early get's scientific idea of mineral processing, It improves the use efficiency of all equipments.  The new system greatly improves the economic profit of mining at the same time it makeks ultra lean ore resources development and utilization .It's a practical and feasible new way.

Shanghai clirik  machinery co., LTD is in the 1990 s by state-owned factory in the restructuring of joint-stock enterprises, It is a collection of scientific research, development, production, management, and an entity enterprise, mechanism system perfect, well-equipped, strong technical force, strong production ability.It has an experienced, business skill, innovation ability of scientific research team.It focus on advanced crushing finely equipment,  It acquires  many achievements of patent and industry awards, and acquires  good reflection  in domestic and foreign market. The market shares among the top of the industry.

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