How to deal with ultra fine powder grinding mill problem

ultra fine powder grinding mill


Powder industry in China has become a cross-industry, interdisciplinary, big industry in the whole national economy occupies a high proportion, then ultra fine powder grinding mill production line industry has also been on the wave of reform, the use of high and new technology and light material, ultra fine powder grinding mill production line in the ultra fine powder grinding mill technology development become a new research project, after the material after finely, epidermis volume increased, crushing performance change, to some extent, increase the efficiency of the powder utilization ratio.
ultra fine powder grinding mill production line generally USES motor directly join crushing device, the connection way is simple, easy to maintenance.But if they cannot very good connection in the assembly process, can cause the overall vibration of mill.
Motor rotor and crusher rotor is different.Can move left and right the position of the motor, or padded surface at the foot of the bottom of the motor, to adjust the two rotor concentricity.Crusher rotor is different.The reason is that the two of the rotor shaft bearing surface is not in the same plane.In the bearing housing, floor mat copper sheet, or in the bottom of the bearing wedge iron adjustable production, the guarantee two shaft head together.Crushing chamber part vibration is larger.The reason is that connecting the coupling with the rotor of different heart or rotor internal uneven quality of ore dressing equipment prices well flat hammer.Can take the corresponding method to adjust according to the different types of coupling shaft coupling and motor connection: when the hammer of uneven quality, must equipped with each group of hammer, the relative said hammer, the relative said error is less than 5g of the hammer.The original balance was destroyed.After motor repair to do dynamic balance test, to ensure that the overall balance.Pulverizer system anchor bolt looseness or basic not firm, when installation or maintenance, to tighten the anchor bolts, evenly between the anchor foundation and mill, to install shock absorbing device, reduce the vibration.Hammer break or shatter indoor hard stuff.
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