Common Question of Ultra Fine Powder Mill

When we are using ultra fine powder mill, we will usually meet some questions. Today, I will share some methods to deal with these common question with you.

1. Often check the bearing temperature, if the temperature is too high, should check the lubrication and transmission part is normal, rolling distance is too tight. To find out the cause and take appropriate measures in time.

2. Often check the tightness of the transmission belt, loose belt will reduce the transmission efficiency and affect the grinding effect, too tight is easy to cause bearing heating, increase power consumption, reduce the service life of the transmission belt.

3. Kinds of transmission parts in the ultra fine powder mill should be tightened, removing or installing special tools should be used to prohibit the use of hand tools such as a direct hit.

ultra fine powder mill

4. Do not forget to check the pneumatic components, machine after boot, always check the dynamic components of each gas path, gas path and the connection if there is leakage or damage, at the same time to check the air pressure is in accordance with the requirements, should also regularly check the use of synchronous belt, if too tight, too loose, beating the deviation, and serious abrasion, should timely adjust, repair or replacement. Gas source three in the oil mist of the amount of oil to be checked regularly, we must add 20# spindle oil, so as to avoid the small pipe plug.

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