Stone Powder Ultrafine Mill Manufacturer in China

As you have known that there are many types of ultrafine mill can be used in superfine powder grinding. According to the different use range of the ultrafine mills, it can be divided into stone powder processing, metal mineral powder processing, food powder processing and so on. Shanghai Clirik is one of the ultrafine mill manufacturers in China, and we are specialize in stone powder grinding mill for more than 20 years.

ultrafine mill

The stone powder ultrafine mill users are also have lots of requirements when they are using ultrafine mills, for example: the ultrafine mill must have an ability of deal with different stone materials. Our Shanghai Clirik ultrafine mill can process including limestone, dolomite, calcite, calcium carbonate, feldspar and other more than 200 kinds of ore raw materials.

And then, a good quality ultrafine mill must have a large output, our Clirik HGM series ultrafine mill not only can ensure the capacity, also can ensure the powder you process have a superfine fineness. The minimum finish powder fineness can up to 3000 mesh, and the finally output can up to 45 tons per hour.

ultrafine mill manufacturer

Finally, the good quality ultrafine mill must have a longer use cycle, so that it can supply a continuous and efficient work to users. The grinding part of Clirik ultrafine mill is made of titanium alloy. Compare with other brand grinding mills, our ultrafine mill have a longer service life, it’s usually 2-5 times longer than other grinding mills.

There also have a very interested thing that I want to share with you, because our ultrafine mill is usually used in calcium carbonate grinding, so we also call it calcium carbonate mill. If you are interested in our ultrafine mill or other mining equipment. Welcome to leave your message on our website to contact us.

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