carbon black from tyre pyrolysis uses

Clirik's ultra-fine grinding mill is a replacement for various small rubber mills on the market. It consists of crusher, grinding mill, automatic feeding, automatic conveying, automatic milling, automatic sieve feeding, automatic dust removal, etc. Partial composition. It overcomes the disadvantages of low output, high labor intensity, inability to handle tire rubber, and continuous production. The one-stop processing of various used tires and the combination of grinding and shearing under high pressure can effectively control the crushing temperature. The quality of the rubber powder is ensured, the crushing fineness can reach 500-2000 mesh, and each unit can produce 2 tons of rubber powder per day. The rubber mill is composed of a crushing host, a motor frame, and a water cooling system. The basic principle is to cut and grind the material through the relative movement of the two grinding discs to achieve the purpose of crushing the material. Double water cooling is used to effectively control the crushing temperature of the material, so as to obtain the ideal product quality.
ultra-fine grinding mill
How do used tires become rubber powder? In the milling industry, there is a special multi-functional rubber milling machine that specializes in the treatment of waste tires. So how does a multifunctional rubber mill turn waste tires into rubber powder? In fact, waste tires have to go through multiple processing procedures before being processed by a multifunctional rubber mill.
First cut the rubber ring of the used tire with a cutter, then use a tapping machine (or manual knife cutting) to cut the tire into blocks, then feed it into the crusher, crush it into particles of about 10-15 mm, and send it by the conveyor After entering the ultra-fine grinding mill, the milled powder falls into the vibrating screen. After screening, some semi-finished products continue to be processed by a multi-functional rubber mill, and finally the finished rubber powder is obtained.
There are only unexpected and not impossible. With the rapid development of technology, the disposal of used tires is no longer a problem. The processed waste tires are transformed into rubber powders with a wide range of uses, which not only brings us economic income, but also solves the environmental problems caused by waste tires.
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