Ultra Fine Powder Vertical Roller Mill Classifier System Reform

Ultra fine powder vertical roller mill is the cement industry, coal industry, power sector and other widely used grinding machine, with the breaking, crushing, grinding, powder and drying in one and so on. Ultra fine powder vertical roller mill for raw material and preparation of coal over half a century of history. On the vertical roller mill and working principle of the structural features of many books and has been detailed in the introduction, the author does not go into here. Technological transformation of the author only for grinding flour in the election system introduction. Our system based classifier to market a few years, several cement plants around the country, mining companies use this type of separator, unanimously approved its excellent quality. In recent years, vertical roller mill used in the transformation of several types of separator, the raw material and the actual production of coal preparation process confirmed that the classifier system effect after the modification.

Ultra fine powder vertical roller mill classifier systems and analyzing problems

1. System leakage, mainly due to grinding body Mifengbuyan and three lock air valve leakage, causing the system grinding out low temperature, pressure difference is too small.
2. Hot air pipe fouling when the hot air pipe fouling than 2 / 3, low temperature and pressure into the vertical roller mill, the material drying a timely fashion.
3. The nozzle ring is inclined and horizontal direction at the composition of diamond-shaped notch in the disc around the circle, Recessed liner.
4. Separator hopper and between the wind speed is too low under the cone.
5. Powder room taper is not reasonable.
6. Guide blades and rotor pitch too.
7. Guide blades and rotor in the vertical direction is inconsistent.
8. Coarse and fine powder backmixing.
9. Blade badly worn.
10. Separator seal between the rotor and housing poor.

Ultra fine powder vertical roller mill on restructuring

Separator device for less than the traditional, developed the system on improving the structure. Vortex separator in the plane based on the shell of the grading room, leading the wind blades, rotor blades, wind blades and the rotor blade guide spacing and other structures has been improved and optimized to improve the material dispersion effect, shorten the material separation time reduce the probability of coarse and fine powder backmixing, to further improve the efficiency of the separator, reducing the cycle of material in the vertical roller mill, reducing power consumption, improve mill grinding efficiency. classifier system, the performance of its main advantages lies in the following aspects.

1 Classification Office of Design
Since the structural characteristics of , with expected gas flow from the bottom up, up and down easily lead to flow rate fluctuations affect the election powder effect. Therefore, the grading room to consider when designing the shell diversion point to ensure the election process powder flow uniformity and stability. Through computer simulation and experimental results obtained classification chamber wall angle to take 75 бу ~ 80 бу when the flow velocity distribution for the best conclusion.

2 wind blade shaped guide
Classifier system-specific style guide shaped leaves, make derivative containing material gas in the wind through the leaves, its flow rate of mutation, large particles due to large inertia to keep the original movement and guide the direction of the leeward side of the wind collision leaves to lose momentum fall within the cone. With more powder the powder flow into the region separating the election, failed to reduce the powder particles to enter the election district, play a pre-separation efficiency, enhanced the capacity of powder systems to achieve high yield, low consumption purpose. Guide to traditional straight blade wind than the wind through the leaves shaped guide the flow speed and rotor speed of the outer edge of the very, thereby reducing the feed gas on the rotor blades with erosion wear.

3 shaped rotor blade
With the traditional straight blade rotor, compared shaped rotor blades, this special structure conducive to fine powder and coarse powder thrown into the improved separator efficiency, help reduce the local vortex between the rotor blades.

4 Design of air sealing
Labyrinth seals using traditional sealing methods, their reliability is sealed by sealing gaps to ensure control, because there is always the sealed space are not ideal. We combine the characteristics of labyrinth seals, dynamic air seal of the way through the rotor rotation, resulting in a strong transverse flow through the obstruction particles to achieve good sealing effect, and the classification accuracy.

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