Jaw crusher's comman problems and solution in Ultra fine grinding machine

Jaw crusher is an important part of ultra fine grinding machine, it maily consists of frame, eccentric shaft, jaw plate, connecting bar, adjustiment part and spring. it is mainly used in the industries of metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, consgruction, refractory materials annd ceramics, suitable to crush hard and soft ores with compressive strength lessl than 32oMPa. This machine can break materials into medium size and fine size. The followings are the comman problems of jaw crusher when using.

Decline of production

1.Belt slipping or loose

2. Hammers worn seriously

1.Replace or fasten belt

2. Replace hammer shafts to closer shaft holes to use the other side of hammers, or replace hammers.

Abnormal sound Metal or other impurities of high hardness high-intensity impurities into the machine Stop machine, open the cover and pick out the impurities
Finished product fineness getting coarse Grage(screen) damaged or deformation Fix or replace the grate (screen)

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