CLUM 10000 Mesh Ultra Fine Vertical Roller Mill Introduction

The CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill is one of new technology ultra fine powder making machines, compare with other mining mills on market, the ultra fine vertical roller mill can process the high fineness stone powder, and st the same time, we also can ensure the final output for you.

We produce the new technology ultra fine vertical roller mill rely on 12 years of experience in the production of ultra fine powder mills and based on German and Taiwan technologies. The top technical team members were joined this project. Besides, high-quality wear-resistant parts are used to develop milling equipment which in a real sense marks the first secondary classifying technology in mainland China, having product fineness of 400-6000 mesh. And if you use the wet grinding method to process the superfine stone powder, the final powder fineness made by our vertical roller mill can up to 10000 mesh.

ultra fine vertical roller mill

As for the operation and maintenance of the ultra fine vertical roller mill, we must ensure operate person take good care of the control cabinet, regularly check the cabinet outside the cabinet, to maintain the instrument is clear and bright, flexible operation handle, the main electrical shock. Regularly check the components and connections are loose, damaged. Every half a year to measure the insulation resistance, find the problem in time.

The technology data of the 10000 mesh ultra fine vertical roller mill as follow:

ultra fine vertical roller mill technology data
Measurement items Name Take an example inultrafine ground calcium carbonate
Output t/h 13-17 11-13 9-10 7-8
Specific surface area c㎡/g 11000±500 13500±500 15000±500 17000±500
325 mesh remaining amount % 0.015 0.015 0.01 0
Less than 2ìm powder % 34±2 40±2 45±2 50±2
Median partical diameter D50 ìm 4.3 3.7 2.4 1.86
Partical size distrihution D97 ìm 30 25 20 15
Partical size cut point ìm 80 48 38 28
Close apparent specific gravity g/cm³ 1.18 1.06 0.90 0.85
Loose apparent specific gravity g/cm³ 0.45 0.40 0.34 0.32
Moisture content % less than 0.3
Sedimentation volume 1 hour later 24 27 33 43
Energy consumption kw/t 38-40 40-50 47-53 50-53

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