From stone to stone powder,ultra fine powder mill let perfect transformation

Stone is everywhere in nature and variety, when stone grinding mill is processing, we should to consider the environmental issues, the Shanghai Clirik ore ultra fine powder mill is developed specifically for the ore mill and a machine. If the stone will make reasonable use of the perfect turn into something of value, but some stones were messy process, so not only waste resources and pollute the environment.
There customer inquiries, we have a lot of granite ore here, so a lot of sawing stone factory, but saw a lot of stone powder plant saw them cover up large tracts of land, a bit of fine powder is fly ash several miles radius, pollution . So how to solve this problem?
Ultra fine powder Mill
ultra fine powder mill
Products made with stone powder in our lives are nowhere seen, for example: plastic, calcium, cosmetics, clothing, toothpaste and so on. How to make the powder is not flying around, but all were effective use of it? From ordinary stones into fine powder after processing in our daily lives.
Shanghai Clirik this an environmentally friendly and good quality and good reputation in an ultra fine powder mill. Have a special powder production line equipment for stone grinding, bulk materials by hammer crusher into small particles after the elevator into the storage bin, and then through the vibration feeder and tilt feed tube, the material evenly to dial on the upper part of the bulk tray. Material scattered in a circle under the effect of centrifugal force to the periphery, and fall within the grinding ring is a ring roller raceway impact, rolling rolling, grinding, processed into a three-ring Road powders, high pressure air to the outside air by suction sucked into the machine, and the contents were crushed powder selected band. Within the separator rotating impeller crude materials fell regrinding, to meet the requirements of the powder into the air into the cyclone powder collector by the lower part of the discharge valve discharge is finished, and the air with a small amount of fine dust is through after purification by pulse dust blower and muffler exhaust.
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